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Shingles vaccine to be provided free for 70-79 year old patients from November 2016

Shingles (Herpes zoster) is an infection caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox.

The virus can live in your nervous system for many years before reactivating as shingles.

This type of viral infection is characterised by a red blistery skin rash that can cause severe pain and burning.

Often the pain continues even after the blisters have dried and disappeared.

The Government has approved a free vaccination program to all patients aged 70-79.

While the official start is 1 November 2016 it will take some time for the Government to procure and supply all

surgeries with the vaccination.  


"My Health Record"

The Department of Health has created electronic "My Health Records" for everybody living in Far North

Queensland unless you have opted out. Having a My Health Record means your important health

information like allergies, current conditions and treatments, medicine details, pathology reports or

diagnostic imaging scan reports can be digitally stored in one place. Healthcare providers like doctors,

specialists and hospital staff can see these details online from anywhere at any time when they need to,

such as in an accident or emergency. From 15th July your General Practitioner at Mountain View Medical

Centre will be able to add your medical history onto your "My Health Record". This will be done during a

consultation so that you and your doctor can discuss any information from your past and the record will be

as accurate as possible.

For general information go to or ring 1800 723 471.


Welcome Dr. Peter "Michael" Stapelberg

We are excited to announce that Dr. Peter "Michael" Stapelberg has now started to work at Mountain View

Medical Centre! Dr. Stapelberg is an enthusiastic General Practitioner with a passion for rural and remote

medicine and a special interest in skin cancer and dermatology. 


Welcome Dr. Helen Hobson

We are excited to welcome Dr. Helen Hobson at Mountain View Medical Centre!

Dr. Hobson will bring her medical experience as well as her local knowledge into the team.

Having worked in Cairns and Port Douglas for the last 12 years Dr. Hobson knows what is best for our patients.