tel: 07 4098 1711

4 Front St Mossman QLD 4873

WE ARE LOOKING FOR another passionate GP at Mountain View Medical Centre

Our surgery, Mountain View Medical Centre in Mossman, Far North Queensland, wants to be able to open it's books for new patients again and needs another GP. One of our part time doctors will be on maternity leave shortly which means as a new GP you will be privileged to start with existing patients.

We have a lot of local patients who have been coming to this surgery for many years and patients appreciate the continuity of care that they receive at our surgery.

We have a nice and friendly team of longstanding local staff members.

The surgery is accredited and constantly strives to adjust and improve. 

The workflow is well organised and we have a nurse working with us at all times.  

The location - Mossman - is now an area 5 of the Modified Monash Model (MMM) classification. This means you might be eligible for a relocation incentive as well as yearly retention payments. We are also a district of workforce shortage (DWS) and we are approved to train RVTS applicants.

Many of our patients appreciate us as their GP to supply all of their health needs rather than going to Cairns. So if you feel comfortable you can do a variety of small procedures or even develop your own field of interest.

Mossman is lucky enough to have a  beautiful hospital which has a 24-hour emergency department and there is good collaboration between the public and the private doctors. As it is a small community you are privileged to actually know your local physiotherapists, massage therapists, other allied health practitioner and fellow GPs.

We are generally flexible and open for your individual needs and working requirements. If you have a family we can help you set up your roots. A variety of family daycare or childcare centers as well as public and private schools are available if you plan to relocate with your family.

If you are an older GP who wants to escape the hectic city life and scale down your work hours a bit - there are a couple of golf courses, beaches and fishing spots waiting for you.

In order to provide a good and healthy, family friendly work-life balance we open the surgery strictly during normal business hours, Mondays to Fridays 8am to 5pm, with no after-hours-commitments!

Mossman is a great place to live and raise a family. There is abundance of outdoor activities, sports and arts and a diverse selection of residents with the holiday destination "Port Douglas" close by. Cairns International Airport is just a short hour away.

If you feel like you need a bit of space around you - Mossman and the surrounding areas are ideal to look for your own piece of paradise. And thanks to the tourism we also have a variety of affordable apartment style rental accommodation.

If you think you are the right person for our team please email ( or ring (07 - 40981711) our practice manager Sandra Lanskey or contact the owner, Dr. Alexandra Bernhardi

We are more than happy to show you around and let you see how work and life is up here in Mossman!